Who is Tatiana?

As a Small Business Owner and Stay-At-Home-Mom, I solve problems on a daily basis.

Educated as an Industrial Designer at Syracuse University and as an MBA at Northeastern University, I see the need for families to have access to budget-friendly design solutions.

Why am I doing this?

As a mom, Girl Scout leader and PTA member, I have been developing new skills in the years since leaving the professional world in the areas of budgeting, fund raising, mediation, teamwork and networking.  These are a complement to the skills I already have, and I am synthesizing them into solving all types of real world problems for my community, and especially families.

My own family needed a solution to supplement our income, but with two small children and no local family to lean on, childcare is a serious issue for us.  This new venture will give us the flexibility I need to satisfy both needs.

I have the ability to manage multiple clients, while always keeping the project’s schedule and budget in focus.  My neighbors come to me with questions about sewing costumes or where to source a huge piece of acrylic for a school project, while my professional colleagues recognize me for my resourcefulness and teamwork.

How do you contact me?

You can also drop me a line at SolutionsByTatiana@gmail.com or text/call me at 732.343.4822.

Thanks for considering my help!

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